Our Philosophy

An endless search

32 Via dei Birrai represents the perfect balance between taste and design, between research and method, without ever straying into industrial standardisation.

32 Via dei Birrai stands for a new language within the infinite brewing world. We aim to reset and redefine accepted norms. We strive to challenge commonplace concepts of “beer”. Ours is a design emblazoned on our bottles.

Ours is experimentation within a land that strives to rise above the banal: from the choice of our containers to the use of graphics, from our food pairing suggestions right through to our curated selection of retail outlets.

In this way, our beer becomes an abstract concept, enriched by eye-catching, fun colours, which conjure up a welcoming but somewhat mysterious place.

Whether as a sort of game or for pleasure, we are about reinterpreting the classic style of the brewmaker, and seek to change the way of perceiving beer, opening it up to new audiences.

Nature, Man and Progress: an eco-sustainable path

In 32 we are strongly convinced of the need to operate according to eco-friendly principles. To achieve this, we take action across the board to reduce waste and optimise our processes. At the heart of this we focus very strongly on research, not only to constantly improve the quality of our beers, but also to innovate our production process from an eco-friendly perspective: in recent years these improvements have helped us reduce our water consumption by 40%. What’s more, since 2015 we have been using only certified energy coming from renewable sources, and achieved a 25% reduction in C0² emissions for producing the glass for our new bottles with Braille writing. Even our packaging and wrapping materials are recyclable and can be reused to create decorative compositions or objects. For more information on these issues, you can consult the analysis we carried out in 2014 to study the environmental impact of our production process: Carbon and Water Footprint.

Authenticity of our product

32 Via dei Birrai beers are first and foremost an expression of our commitment and limitless passion for producing natural products. Our meticulous research, focus on sustainable production processes and care for natural resources are your guarantee of superior quality. We select only the best raw materials, starting from the highest quality, certified GM-free hops that we source from Belgium, combined with our outstanding creative expertise in formulating our recipes. This means our beers are never “standardised” and always unique-tasting and genuine...and they’re free from chemicals and preservatives.

The beers we make in 32 Via Dei Birrai are genuine craft beers because they are mainly produced by manual processes and in reduced quantities. All our beers are unpasteurised, meaning we don’t heat-treat them in the conditioning phase; they’re bottle conditioned to develop the distinctive intense aroma and delicate saturation; they’re top fermented (15-25°) and unfiltered.

Careful selection of local and imported raw materials.

Direct supervision of all phases of the production process.

Production carried out entirely in our brewery.

Also packaging, storage and logistics phases also take place within our premises.

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