The Brewery

32 Via dei birrai was established in Pederobba (TV), northeast Italy, in June 2006 and was founded by three friends from very different backgrounds who shared an idea: to create a new way of making beer

The Origins

Loreno Michielin, a sales expert, Alessandro Zilli, an engineer with a passion for homebrewing, and Fabiano Toffoli, a master brewer, pooled their skills and their passion to create a craft microbrewery using a language hitherto unheard of in beermaking.

Fabiano Toffoli grew up in Belgium, home country of his mother. He lived there until he was sixteen, and then moved to Italy, where he completed his studies in agronomy. After gaining extensive experience in the brewing sector, in 2006 at the age of 32, together with Loreno and Alessandro he founded 32 Via dei Birrai. He’s responsible for all activities related to production and quality control.

Alessandro Zilli (aka Bano), is a passionate homebrewer, but engineer by training. In 32, he’s responsible for research and development. It’s thanks to him that our production plants are constantly updated to improve the quality of beers and optimise efficiency, reducing waste and consumption of resources.

Loreno Michielin takes is responsible for all commercial aspects of our business. He has many years' experience in catering, and is ably assisted by Mauro Gajo for the Italian market.

Together for 14 years!

Alessandro Zilli
Research & Development

Fabiano Toffoli
Master Brewer

Loreno Michielin
Commercial Director

Mauro Gaio
Commercial Manager

Why the name 32 Via dei birrai?

32 is the number which indicates the class our beer belongs to, according to the International Nice Classification, a system for classifying goods and services

And Via dei birrai is the Italian version of the street in Brussels Rue des Brasseurs: “the street of the brewers”. 

But there is also an abstract meaning: Via (street) in the sense of a way or journey, and our circular logo signifies the concept of eternal movement towards the future, a sort of continuous, perpetual motion.

Like to know more? See our Company Profile.

Where can you find our beers?

Our beers are not always easy to find, because we’ve made a specific choice: they’re available in specialist beer shops, wine bars and delicatessens and in selected shops selling vegan produce.

In Italy as well as abroad you can also find them in the most prestigious gourmet pizzerias and renowned restaurants.

Write to us to find out where you can find 32.

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